An intriguing video, detailing the last moments of Lance Corporal Awal Mohammed, one of the slain police officers at Kasoa Budumburam, has emerged.

The amateur video which appears to have been shot by an eyewitness to the dastardly crime has revealed chilling details of how Mr Awal fled the crime scene as he was supported by two civilians in frantic search of transport to a health facility.

The video also reveals that the officer who was in a police uniform with a Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) reflector apparel over it, eventually got help from a motorbike rider who opted to ride him to a health facility.

As Lance Corporal Awal was being driven away, concerned bystanders could be heard in the video suggesting that he could fall off the bike if care wasn’t taken.

The video ends with a shot from the scene of the shooting of the second officer, Sgt Dzamesi, as he lied motionless in a pool of blood in the kiosk where he was allegedly shot multiple times.

Sergeant Gyamasi who was the service driver and Lance Corporal Mohammed Awal were said to have chased an unregistered Camry vehicle and accosted its occupants.

In the process, one of the occupants shrugged off the police, reached for a pistol from the car and shot the two officers.