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(VIDEO) Sakawa Boy Dies After Barking Like A Dog


By/ asare barimah





A video circulating on Facebook shows a boy who is suspected to be a yahoo boy was seen barking like a dog and dies afterwards.
The post says,


Unexplainable wealth in Africa is not only money laundering by businessmen, organised crime, politicians and elites in society but from other source such as mysterious ritualistic and occultism portfolios.

SAKAWA juju is used seeking to get rich quick but with conditionality leading to dire consequences as seen in many unexplainable circumstances defying common science and medicine.

It is happening in many African countries and cities where young men and women including celebrities will behave awkwardly or do strange things.

Disappear after a period of time from the scene; influential big-men and women will lose fame, fortune or power; mysterious accidents or deaths which are in certain unexplained cases products from rituals and occultism known as black magic or juju wahala.

How is it possible that men and women can afar can fall in love with someone they never know or meet, also transfer huge sums of money beats any imagination is worth pondering ????

What is the inducement and source of conviction for such behaviour is worth further rational explanation.

A Yahoo boy in Ogbomoso died barking like a dog in his mansion. A Student for that matter using 5 big cars, not from a rich family background!!!

SAKAWA or Yahoo plus is not internet fraud. It’s money rituals. Beware of them as they are all around like normal people but are zombies the walking dead.

*My Africa SoS*



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