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Engage the TELCOS in education on the referendum Lecturer Suggests asare barimah



A lecture at the Christian Service University College in Kumasi, Ashanti regional capital, Mr John Kwao Dawson has suggested to the government to engage the telecommunication networks (TELCOs) in educating  Ghanaians on the up coming referendum scheduled on the 17th December 2019 through the caller ring tune.

In an exclusive interview with he indicated that, engaging the telecoms will help reach more people even to those in the rural areas and as well reduce the government burden by using the caller ring tune as a means.

He added, people will be much more enlighten on the need to vote “YES” or “NO” on the December, 17th 2019 without any influence from political parties or any pressure groups.

More so, engaging the telecoms will help government get the needed feedback as to whether the masses are interested in the agenda or not and that will help the government to take decision on any initiative they want to put across.

The Electoral commission of Ghana has already announced its intention to conduct a referendum on 17th December 2019 in proposal to amendments the constitution and if voted YES, will allow the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and the political parties to be involved in active politics , which according to Mr.Kwao Dawson it’s education to enlighten the general public is low, so if the government can involve these communication groups it will help the government to achieve it’s purpose. asare barimah


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