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V/R: Gun manufacturing base discovered at Alavanyo, Police ‘fear’ to move in


Police in the Volta Region say they have identified a weapon manufacturing base at Alavanyo but are unable to enter the place due to the level of defences that have been put up by the people behind it.


According to the police, Alavanyo which has been in a protracted land conflict with neighbouring Nkonya, has become a leader in weapon manufacturing in Ghana and even in the West African region.

“When it comes to the manufacture of gun, Alavanyo is leading in the country and even in West Africa… As we speak, there are people who go there on duty to guard the manufacturing base,” Volta Regional Police Commander, Doku revealed.

Speaking to journalists on the back of a shootout Monday between the youth of Alavanyo Dzogbedze and security officials that led to the death of four people, DCOP Francis Doku said weapons are not only imported into the area but also manufactured there.

“As weapons are being imported into Alavanayo, they themselves are manufacturing weapons,” he said noting they have currently identified a place where over 70 AK47 assault rifles are being stashed.

DCOP Doku said: “There is a location that we have identified where over 70 AK47 are being kept but if the chief is to come here today, he will tell you there is not even a single AK47 in his area”

He wondered why the interest in the manufacture of fire arms in the area.

“What are they manufacturing the weapons for, to go and kill glasscutters? The target is human beings, you and I so they will go all out to defend their position” he said.

Asked why the police have all this while failed to move in on those areas where the weapons are being stashed as well as the manufacturing base, he responded: “Will they allow us to do that? They will put all manner of defences because they have an interest in it. So if we begin to pick them one by one are we not reducing the numbers?”

He advised the media to treat what the people say about arms and ammunition with the contempt it deserves, and rather believe take what the Police say.

Source: 3news

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