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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Kissing

We all (arguably) find kissing pleasurable but what we do not know is that it has some health benefit that would surprise you.

Surprising right? The health benefits of kissing will amaze you. But you ought to nonchalant about these revelations just so you don’t walk around saluting each other with a holy kiss (Laugh Out Loud).

Science has revealed that individuals who kiss more often significantly decrease their levels of stress and are known to have even greater relationship satisfaction.

Keep calm as we bring you 5 surprising health benefits of kissing.

1.Boosts Cardiovascular Health

During kissing, a hormone is released from the body called ‘adrenaline’ which helps to promote heart health. This hormone makes your heart pump more blood around your body. This further helps to lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the body. So start kissing to maintain the health of your heart.

2.Boosts Immunity

A recent study reported in the journal Medical Hypotheses says that kissing may increase a woman’s immunity from Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus contracted through the mouth to mouth contact, can cause infant blindness and other birth defects if the mother is a carrier during pregnancy. This virus is only harmful if the woman is pregnant, otherwise, it is totally harmless.

3. Calorie Buster


If you find the idea of workout very stressful like most people do especially when it comes to weight decrement plans, here is something interesting for you. Kissing at least for a minute will help you to lose approximately 2-3 calories. To burn some calories, it is important that your kissing should be intense. Kissing also helps to double your metabolic rate. Thus, if you want to lose some calories without much hard work, then go on a kissing diet.

4. Stress Reliever

Lip-locking is a very good stress-reliever, as it helps to lower down the level of cortisol in your body and helps you to relax. A passionate kiss will make you smile and forget all the sorrows of your life. Instead of popping anti-depressant pills, start kissing your partners to be happy.

5. Tones Your Facial Muscles

5 surprising health benefits of kissing

A passionate kiss involves the movement of 34 facial muscles and up to 112 postural muscles in the rest of the body, which helps to keep your muscles tight and toned. A kissing session will increase the blood circulation of your face and give you a younger looking complexion.

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