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6 money-related questions you must ask your partner before getting married



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1. Because love cannot pay bills!
So you are head over heels in love with your partner and all set to tie the knot. You think you both are pretty compatible and have even started dreaming about the future. But before you go ahead with your plans, take a deep breath and try to look at the situation practically.



Have you observed your lover’s spending style and thought about how both of you would manage your finances? If you have not, here are six questions you must ask before taking any decision.
2. What are your financial goals?
This question is a great conversation starter. Ask your partner about his or her short and long-term financial goals. It would help you understand what kind of lifestyle your lover aspires for and how he or she plans to achieve it. Plus, make sure you also get to know the spending style as well. Does your partner like to save his salary, or spend the entire amount? These questions may sound silly but are very important for the financial health of any relationship.

3. Do you have any major debts?

In case you are getting married or are in a serious relationship, your partner’s debt will also affect you to some extent. If your partner has taken a loan or is in debt, does he or she have a repayment plan? Would your partner be able to contribute to household expenditures? It’s completely okay if your partner can repay his or her debts in the coming time. But you will have to take a call if your partner has no idea how to repay it.
4. Any plans for major expenditure in the future?
Is your partner planning to resign from the job and study further? Or, he or she is buying a new house or car and would be required to make the down payment? How would that impact the other expenses? Or, is someone else (family member or close friend) dependent on your partner financially? Most importantly, how comfortable you are with these expenses?

5. Where do you like to splurge?
Keeping the regular expenses aside, where does your partner like to splurge? Is it on getting the memberships of high-end clubs, partying in pubs, shopping, gambling or something else? Would you be comfortable seeing your partner squandering money on it? If not, this is the best time to share your concern and find a mutually-acceptable solution.
6. Come clean on this!
While having this discussion, look for the right opportunity and talk about your monthly salaries. It can be an embarrassing topic but it would help you to understand each other’s financial condition better. You will have a better idea of how much your partner can contribute to the household expenditure and work out a better, more feasible plan.

7. How would ‘we’ handle our finances
Now that you have a clear idea about each other’s financial status, it is the perfect time to plan a budget together. Would you open a joint bank account or contribute by cash? Would you Dutch all the expenses or one of you is willing to contribute a bit more. Also, what about an emergency fund? Having a plan ready in advance would save you both from money-related confusion and help you both achieve your financial goals.
8. The upside!
Trust us, money matters can make or break a relationship. If your partner and you can maturely deal with this subject, it is surely a sign that you both are going strong. Just remember to be honest with each other and willing to figure out a system that works for the best interest of the relationship.


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