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(VIDEO)A never-heard-before interview with Ebony Reigns a year after her death


Exactly a year ago, Ghana lost one of its graceful and musically talented budding songstresses to one of the greatest monsters of our time as Ghanaians, road accidents.

Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, known on the stage as Ebony Reigns, whose beautiful life was tragically and suddenly terminated on her way back from a visit to her mother in the Brong Ahafo Region exited this life with her closest pal, Franky Kuri and an alleged bodyguard, Atsu in that unfortunate accident.


In a never-heard-before interview with Andy Dosty, the host of Daybreak Hitz of Hitz FM, with the late Ohemaa, as affectionately addressed by her dad, which was monitored by Asembi.com, she claimed that most Ghanaians are “hypocrites”.

This was when she was pushed to mention the age she broke her virginity. Even though she didn’t mention exactly her age when her virginity was broken, per the calculations based on the number of boyfriends she had and the years of getting them, Andy arrived at between 13 and 15 years as the time her virginity was broken. She also revealed that she’s had her fair share of “broken-heartedness” amidst her changing of guys at a tender age.

Ebony, who was introduced to Bullet by a friend, O-Gee, revealed in the interview that took place about two years ago that she was 21 years which is contrary to the rumors that went round that she died some few days before her 21st birthday.

Her manager at the time, Bullet, when called today after airing the interview on Daybreak Hitz, explained that she was really not 21 at the time of the interview. He said that one of Ebony’s classmates told him she was 20 when she was celebrating her 20th birthday even though Ebony had told him she was 22 at the time. According to Bullet, Ebony explained that she put out that age to prevent people from thinking she’s young.

The interview that was full of revelations also revealed that the only things she’s afraid of is poverty and losing her parents who are separated, and disrespect as the only thing that turns her off. Asembi.com also heard Ebony disclosing her love for vampires and werewolves and even said she had some poems on them.

She also said, even though she does wear bra, she usually doesn’t because she feels very uncomfortable in a bra. This she explains that she usually want her bras very tight on her body which at a point becomes very uncomfortable for her. She further confirmed that she has never wore a bra in any of her videos.

Ebony, however, when asked to wade into the issue of who the dancehall queen was pointed to Kaakie even though she loves all the others. She also named Kaakie as the most loved female musician in Ghana even though she put her music career on hold a little bit and Cynthia Morgan in the world and she (Cynthia Morgan) is the only artiste she’ll like to record with as she sees her as a replica of herself.

She also stated that she wants to be a worldwide icon in 10 years to come and have 13 tattoos on her body which are mostly not in English but a Macedonian Language because they are very personal.

“Because of my colour, I’m black” was her answer when asked about her name “Ebony”. She went ahead to explain that she also go by the title ‘Bad Girl” because she slay excellently at anything she’s attempt to.

Asembi.com also noted her claims of being a staunch Christian who was even singing at church. She mentioned that she left her first two churches because of some personal problems which she mentioned one as her tattoos. She, meanwhile, denied ever being chased out of those churches. She therefore said she’s now (then) looking for a new church as she isn’t a member of any now (then).

Ebony said she was 12 years when she met her first boyfriend who was around 18. She meanwhile broke up with him because her first guy wanted more apart from the normal kissing and touching. She however didn’t mention if that was when her virginity was broken.

Meanwhile, on the lighter side, she said her most embarrassed moment in life was when she dropped a kenkey, fish and grounded pepper her step-mum sent her to buy in front of a guy she had a crush on at the age of 13. This she said happened in the presence of some area guys she kept turning down. She then ran home without saying a word and will subsequently run to hide whenever she sees this crush approaching.

From us at Asembi.com, May Her Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

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