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President of the council of Northern chiefs of Mpasatia Chief Abdullai Mohammed has voiced out his anger on the recent irresponsible love for richie’s and fame among the youth in Ghana.



Speaking in an exclusive interview with OTEC FM news reporter Derrick Ekuoba Gyasi, monitored by brightwebtv.com ,  the outspoken chief Imam, he expressed confidence and love for the ambition of the youth in Ghana with regards to their overwhelming belief in the possibility of becoming rich in their lifetime.

He said ,it’s human nature to dream and aspire for lofty ground, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

However, he disclosed  a very serious concern, saying, when it comes to prosperity and how wealth can be acquired, it appears young people in our country nowadays are subjected to wrong influences and ‘role models.’

He said , Youth in Ghana are transforming into a society that overwhelmingly embraces and celebrates greed, lucre (ill-gotten wealth), shady characters, and others like them.

Explaining further Chief Abdullah bemoans the disturbing negative trends that are shifting the mindset of young people toward the wrong side of ‘rich’, If we remain unaware of these trends, and do nothing about them, they could have very disastrous consequences for the future of our contry.

He therefore called on all religious leaders in the country to increase the pase in spreading the gospel to help transform these youth for good.

According to him not only Christian and Muslims leaders but traditional leaders, cheifs and queen mother’s also own the responsibility of educating the youth particularly on social life which could help bring the youth in the right direction as far as Richie’s and fame is concern.

He said , the country thus not belong to our various political parties but our religious and traditional leaders . Government is just a four term post and we the traditional and religious leaders would be hold accountable for the recent negative behavior of our youth .
He warned.

Source:brightwebtv.com/Derrick Eko)ba Gyasi



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