Actor William Addo

Actor William Addo, who underwent two glaucoma and cataract surgeries in 2016, has regained sight after visiting Odo Pee Herbal Research and Learning Centre at Mankessim in the Central region.

The actor, popularly known as ‘Akpatse’, appealed for funds and support from Ghanaians, especially his fans after doctors told him his sickness was incurable somewhere last year.

But, in an interview with TV3 at the traditional health facility where many ‘blind’ people had queued up awaiting their divine healing, Mr Addo said:

I have been here for a week and the changes are very fundamental. As for the right eye, it is almost getting clearer and clearer. I am very confident that by the time I leave this place, I will definitely get back to my healing.

In an interview with the herbalist, Mr John Kofi Sackey, he said the healing process was revealed to him by God.

According to him, he has treated over 1,000 patients from different parts of the country including non-citizens.

The surprising factor about his therapy is that, Mr Sackey gives the patients a wooden object with a small hole containing a drop of water which they gaze at to begin the healing process – there are no other clinical equipment involved.

Interestingly, Mr Sackey said he was cautioned in the dream to never charge patients money from the healing gift.

It is ordinary water, there is a little help and it is a matter of faith. The thing came straight from God… one thing I know is that the air God created has percentage to make the healing work.

It was revealed to me in a dream. After they have looked into the hole with water, they have to close their eyes for 30 seconds and after take a walk where they open their eyes for air to enter and it becomes clear. The most important thing is never to collect money from them, he noted.

Talking about Mr Addo’s case, the herbalist said, I have saved over 1,000 people. As for Mr Addo’s problem it is not a problem.

However, the actor revealed he will spend about two months at the Mankessim town to complete his healing process.

“I am very confident that by the time I leave here I will be back on track and a brand new William Addo and ‘Akpaste’ will return to the field,” he said.

Mr Addo mentioned lack of funds as a setback at the healing centre and called on the public to come to his aid.

Watch the video below: