Ola Michael

Movie producer, Ola Michael, believes veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo’s remarks about movie producers’ inability to pay some monies owed was under the influence of alcohol.

He said the veteran actor made these utterances at an event and at a time when the actor had taken something alcoholic.

You contract somebody to do a job for you before the person starts the job, you pay the person 50 per cent of what you are to pay the person, and the person gives you no excuse whatsoever.

We sit down to plan our schedules because where we had to go start the project, we were given three days and patients who were kept there had to be moved from where they were kept to a different place, Ola narrated his ordeal with the veteran actor.

You do half of the job and you tell us you want to go for your mother’s funeral, last time he was on Peace FM he stated he has several family members.

He didn’t tell me all these when I was contracting him and after he has taken the money I should just let him go, anyway I have paid him his remaining money, he lamented.

However, when the host of the show, Andy Dosty, invited Ibrahim Ibrahim Bako, the journalist who interviewed Mr Adjorlolo, for confirmation, he said the actor was not drunk when they spoke.