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Alarm As Dead Fish Wash Up On Maputo Beach


Residents are being warned not to eat the fish

Cases of dead fish washing up on Maputo Bay in southern Mozambique since last weekend are a cause for worry for the authorities, who are investigating possible causes alongside academic institutions, civil society groups and fisherfolk

One theory is that the fish could have been killed by low oxygen levels, caused by high levels of suspended sediment in the water, as a result of dredging and excavating when fibreoptic cables were installed.

The authorities also suspect that fresh water from rivers flowing into the bay may reduce salinity levels.

This isn’t the first time such cases have occurred in Maputo Bay, with smaller incidents associated with discharges of fresh water into the bay being recorded in the past.

The authorities have urged residents, especially fisherfolk, to be vigilant and collaborate with experts on the ground who are investigating the incident.

They have also urged people not to eat the dead fish found on the beach and in the sea.




Source: BBC



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