The Chinese government is being accused of forcefully taking blood samples of blacks as it battles to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some viral videos on social media show Chinese health authorities taking more than six samples of blood from a black man they allegedly forced into mandatory 14-days quarantine.

Ghanaian lady, who resides in Dongguan province in China, Celestine Addai shared a chilling experience of how they are racially discriminated against in China.

“The Chinese authorities say we brought coronavirus so they have to test us. Some of us are picked up at midnight, blood samples taken and quarantined for 14 days,” he stated.

The distraught woman, who has been in China for four years, expressed shock at the conduct of the Chinese government.

Madam Celestine, who is housing two Ghanaians, fears she might to be picked up by authorities for breaching lockdown rules.

Though they are no longer under lockdown, she said blacks are now threats to national security in China so they have been forced to remain indoors.

“After enduring four months lockdown, we can’t go out for fear of being arrested and blood samples taken. We want to come home,” Celestine cried.

On the blood samples, she claimed rumour in China is that, they are using the blood of blacks for medical test as the government works to find vaccines to treat coronavirus.

Though she could not corroborate it, Celestine said the alacrity with which the Chinese government is ‘hunting’ for black blood gives credence to the speculation.

Madam Celestine said about 209 Ghanaians are ready to return home should the government facilitate their trip.

“We have packed our things and are even ready to return today if government gives us the green light,” she said.

SOURCEAdwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman