File photo: Coronavirus

Government will from Monday March 20, 2020 test everyone in lockdown areas in Accra and Kumasi for coronavirus, Dr. Nsiah Asare, presidential adviser on health has revealed.

The reason for this, he indicated is to know the number of positive cases in the country for effective treatment.

Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare

Dr. Nsiah Asare announced this press conference on Sunday ahead of the lockdown of some cities on the country.

“We won’t wait until a person has developed symptoms before testing.We are going to test and test and test,” he stressed.

More importantly, Dr. Nsiah Asare said people in households with positive cases will be tested.

“Everyone who has come into contact with a person who has tested positive will be tested as well” he added.

This strategy, Dr. Nsiah Asare  stated has proven to be very effective in Singapore, Japan and South Korea, all countries battling with Covid-19 hence Ghana’s decision to adopt it.

He appealed to the public to support the exercise as they work to contain the spread.

“This means we will have more positive cases but we must not panic” Dr. Nsiah Asare observed.