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COVID-19: Christian clergy declare 3-day national fast

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The Christian community in Ghana has declared a three-day fasting and prayer session, as part of efforts to fight COVID-19.

At a meeting with President Nana Akufo-Addo at the Jubilee House, the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Reverend Paul Boafo said: “All of us have come together to organise a 3-day national prayer and fasting programme starting Friday through to Sunday this very week which is part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how Ghana is also helping to fight it”.

Just recently, a founding member of the governing New Patriotic Party, Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe described an earlier prayer and fasting event organised by the Presidency with the Christian clergy as one fit for Pharisees and hypocrites.

According to him, what the President and the clergy did is what hypocrites and Pharisees do.

“It’s a clear demonstration of hypocrisy”, the retired army man and medical doctor told Felicity Naana Nelson on Class91.3FM’s Straight Talk programme, adding: “Look, I’m a Christian. I’m deeply involved in my church; I’m a Presbyterian. To be more precise, Osu Ebenezer Church. You’ve heard the word Pharisees and Sadducees. What they did is what Christ condemned years ago. It’s a display which probably would have been put up by the Pharisees”.

According to him, “We have problems, serious problems, practical problems. Even if you want these priests to go and pray, they can do it quietly, but projecting it to the public” that way was not the best.

“Have you seen any nation, so far, with people behaving like that? You’ve seen President Trump having the clergy in America around him? Do you see that in Britain; their Prime Minister doing that? Do you see that even in South Africa? But it’s typical Ghanaian attitude which has been endorsed by Akufo-Addo himself.

“I mean, what they did was so ridiculous. I’m a Christian, don’t think I’m not a Christian; I am a Christian through and through. I’m even more Christian than some of those priests there but what they did is a hallmark of hypocrisy; that’s not the way God listens to us. It tells you the mark of hypocrisy and how dangerous it is for this country”, he said.

Asked if he thought it was for political capital, he said: “…You have used the word political capital but this is even going to be a minus for him. I’ve been with Akufo-Addo for years; I don’t know who advises him; what sort of advisors are these? You get certain clergymen with cameras around?”

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