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Don’t blame GHAMRO for Kwaadee’s current predicament – Rex Omar

By:brightwebtv.com/nana asare barimah

The Chairman for the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) Rex Omar  has cautioned that people should not unnecessarily vent their anger on the copyright organization if things don’t go well in the life of a musician.

Many people have taken to social media to lambast GHAMRO for not doing enough to provide welfare services for musicians after the picture of veteran artiste, Okomfour Kwadee who looks visibly sick was spotted online.

‘Gyae su’ hit maker, Rex Omar speaking to Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview on GBC Radio Central in Cape Coast monitored by MyNewsGh.com, said people should not blame GHAMRO for Okomfour Kwadee’s current predicament.

He fumed “It is so sad that now in Ghana excuse me to say that if things don’t go well for a musician then people turn their anger and frustration on GHAMRO. The royalties that GHAMRO pay to musicians is just supplementary income and it is not the main income that an artiste must depend on.

“Someone like Okomfour Kwadee I don’t believe that he is a member of GHAMRO. There are a lot of musicians in Ghana who haven’t joined GHAMRO. In this life a lot of things happen and it’s not only in music. There are so many people who are Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Journalist who couldn’t manage things well who are now going through hardships.

“That is part of life but if things don’t go well for any musician then you put the blame on GHAMRO because when we collect on your behalf we give it back to you. Then you decide to use your money because once we give it to you and you don’t spend it wisely why would you turn to blame GHAMRO.

“As for the organization we have welfare system for those who are registered members and we pay the hospital bills, funeral donations, and others. The more money we are able to collect the more we pay the royalties to our members but if you’re not a member you’ll not be able to benefit from all these. Sometimes we give advice and consultancy services so that once you are given money and you spend your money you don’t come and blame GHAMRO”.


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