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Evangelist Addai curses fake pastors with red wine


By:brightwebtv.com/Martin awuku

Popular Ghanaian social media preacher Evangelist Emmanuel Addai who is known for attacking some prominent people in the country under the pretense of exposing them, has now directed his attention to some fake Ghanaian pastors.



In a video sighted on social media, the US-based Ghanaian was seen holding wine in a glass and standing outside and calling on the gods of our lands to deal with all fake pastors in the country.

The controversial social media televangelist is heard in the video saying:
“Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, here is your wine. Mother earth, here is your wine. waters in the skies and on earth here is your wine. You are the source of our strength. spirits in the air, here is your wine.
“I angrily stand in this rain on behalf of all Ghanaians. There are some people living in Ghana who claims they are prophets and as we know prophets are there to reveal to us the hidden things but those in Ghana are serving some man with the name Jesus who told us to forgive those who trespass against us and love our enemies as ourselves but this Jesus only reveals to these prophets nothing but death and destruction upon Ghanaians…”



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