Charles Kormi Kudjordjie

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The leader and founder of Western Togoland separatist group in the Volta Region, Charles Kormi Kudjordjie, will be laid to rest in October 2022.

A funeral invitation poster suggests that Papavi Hogbedetor, as he was popularly known, will be interred on Saturday, October 28, 2022. He will be interred at his Hometown, Xavi, near Akatsi in the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta Region.

The funeral announcement comes a year after the Octogenarian died. Per the poster, Papavi died at age 88 on October 15, 2021.

The entire funeral will last for 18 days; starting from Thursday, October 27 to Sunday, November 13, 2022. Thursday, October 27 will be dedicated to a family wake-keeping at his residence in Ho, near the Barracks last stop at about 6:30 pm.

On Friday, October 28, there will be a pre-burial service at the Dela Cathedral E.P Church, Ho Kpodzi at 8:00 am.

Following this, the body will be conveyed to his hometown at Xavi, near Akatsi for interment. This will be followed by another wake-keeping at 7:00 pm in Xavi.

There will be another burial service on Saturday, October 29 at the Xavi E.P School Park at about 7:00 am followed by a Thanksgiving Service at the Xavi E.P Church on Sunday, October 30. There will be another Thanksgiving Service in Ho, at the Dela Cathedral E.P. Church, Ho Kpodzi on Sunday, November 13, 2022. The attire dedicated for the entire burial and funeral activities is Black and White.

The Octogenarian passed on on Friday night (October 15, 2021) at Akatsi in the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta Region. Sources close to the family had said that the man, who was on bail, was receiving treatment at the St Paul’s Hospital, Akatsi before his passing.

Mr Kudjordjie had said while alive that he will be disappointed in God if he is not allowed to see the secession of parts of Volta, Oti, and the eastern parts of the North to create the country called Western Togoland. A vision he had been championing for years.

He started as a historian on several radio stations in the Volta Region under the HSGF, an organisation he set up years ago. With an increase in followership, he started to focus on an agenda for the secession of parts of the country along the country’s eastern borders to create a country called Western Togoland.

The agenda led to several splinter groups also championing similar agenda based on distorted history. Some youth believing the story staged some violent attacks in parts of the Volta Region in furtherance of the separatist’s agenda.

However, swift response and heightened security within the country and along the borders coiled the agenda as several arrests were made.

Papavi, as he is affectionately called, was born in April 1934. He was a retired educationist who taught as a teacher, worked with the Ghana Education Service, and retired at Kpando, his last post.