Ghanaian comedian cum actor, Funny Face, says he is not overly done with issues concerning the mother of his twin daughters, Vanessa in series of fresh posts on his Instagram page.

For the past months, the actor has been venting his spleen after his baby mama allegedly bolted with his twin daughters, Ella and Bella.

The entertainer has since taken to social media to call out some people – claiming they are the source of the woes concerning his failed relationship.

In his latest post on social media, the comedian said he was about to drop over 24 videos of his baby mama abusing and assaulting him.

According to Funny Face, he was tired of concealing the truth, hence he would release all the evidence he has to prove his innocence.

He explained that, he wants the world to know the truth, adding that, even if he should kick the bucket before his children grow up, they will know the truth in the future.

He said: One day .. da world will understand.. I might not be alive to witness it .. but my #ELLAandBELLA oooh boy !! What a father you have .. He gave up his fame.. even his life for ur well being… I will never and will never neglect u .. grow up and asked ur mother .. upon all dis things .. who is still sending her money for ur up keep .. yet she wants to see me dead !! If not ur mother .

I never know u can have kids wit somebody and at da same time hate him.. girls dis videos are for u .. don’t know how much time I have left on earth .. but Grow up to watch dis videos .. der are more 24 more worse ones with blood oozing from my hands… know dis .. ur father was and is forever a WARRIOR !! [SIC].

In one of the videos, Vanessa was heard insulting Funny Face and calling him names amid gestures from her mother who asked her to refrain from the action.