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HEARTBREAKING! My husband forced me to sleep with men and animals

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A 24-year-old Axelle was said to have met a young man, Jean Claude Fayard, who’s alleged to be a French businessman,  via the internet in October 2011. When this happened, little did the Cameroonian graduate of Aesthetics and Beauty know that her life was about crumbling down.



They had a normal chat like every other person would have when chatting with a stranger. Jean Claude told her he was a businessman based in Marseille (France) and was into import and export.

Their friendship became platonic and Axelle thought she had found the love of her life. On March 2012, Oga Claude came to visit her in Cameroon. Axelle’s people were joyous and there was a massive celebration at her aunt’s residence in Santa Barbara, Yaounde.
Two days in Cameroon, Jean Claude proposed to Axelle and got married to her in both traditional and legal ceremonies. Both marriages took place on March 18 and 20, 2012, respectively.

Jean Claude made all travelling arrangements and the both of them flew to France on March 21 that same year. He even gave Axelle’s family the sum of 600.000 FCFA for their upkeep. Not knowing that they were selling their daughter into sex slavery, the family happily bid the couple goodbye as they left for France.

Jean Claude is a pimp who comes to Africa, picks up girls to come and work as sex slaves for him in France. Since Axelle did not know about this, she would wish she never used the internet in her life. As the couple arrived France, they lived in a town called Clermont Ferrand for about 9 months after which they moved to a new place called Lourdes. It is in this place that Axelle had the worst experience of her life.

A few days after their arrival to Lourdes, a man came knocking on their door saying he wants to see Jean Claude. Little did Axelle know that he would be her first client who had already paid into her husband’s bank account. When Axelle called her husband’s attention to the guest, she was shocked when her husband told her to do whatever the guest tells her to do.
A few days later after coming home from work, Jean Claude sits Axelle and laid down the rules and regulations of the job. He told her she has to pay back all the money he spent on her in Cameroon. He calculated the amount to be more than 3,000 Euros and she will also be working for him for the next two years.

Axelle who became speechless thought she was dreaming. Jean Claude collected her personal belongings and all her documents. She was also not allowed to make any calls to the outside world. That was how she started entertaining male customers who would come for her service with any form of protection. But one day, Jean Claude came home with a customer accompanied by a dog.

The man whose name is Loiseau had deposited some money into Jean Claude’s account. Axelle who didn’t see this coming was pushed into the room and forced to have sex with the dog which she did. It is said that Jean Claude made more money when Axelle sleeps with an animal, a horse, for instance, so these deals became the order of the day.

After her encounter with the dog, Jean Claude left with Mr Loiseau leaving Axelle alone in the house. After numerous trials, she broke down the door and ran into the street where she met a Cameroonian couple living in the town.

They helped her to get to the Embassy where she narrated her ordeal. The police searched his house and found evidence linking him to kidnapping and other serious allegations. Jean Claude was immediately arrested and is waiting for judgement. Meanwhile, Axelle flew back to Cameroon and was immediately taken to the hospital for further examinations and treatments.


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