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I am sexually attracted to men – ‘Church’ boy confesses

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A 35-year-old man who is about to get married in 3 months time has confessed to being sexually attracted to men but not women.

The man who is religious and highly thinks of how society treats men who are sexually attracted to their fellow men is not willing to accept that he is gay.

“I’m a man, Dave, a Christian. I am an executive at church. I cannot be gay”, he said.

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In a conversation with Facebook David Papa Bondze-Mbir, the man who pleaded to be anonymous said, though he has not slept with his wife-to-be, he has however engaged in oral sex with a guy.

He continued that he’s always sexually aroused whenever he watches gay porn but only watches straight porn because “I’d want to learn how best I can please my woman sexually when we marry”.

When quizzed on why he wants to marry his woman who is not aware of what she will be getting herself into, he responded, “I am not gay. I want to have children, with a woman. Which man in his right senses would choose to settle with a man over a woman?”.

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Read the full conversation below:

You are unconditionally loved by GOD, regardless of your story of orientation. Jesus died for even you. And, you’ve been fearfully and wonderfully created in His very Own Image, with such profound poise and worth, and no other person or their perceptions about you is way better than who you know you are. Therefore, you are so much more than any name tag. – DBM


BAO: Hello Dave.

David Bondze (DB): Hey!

BAO: How are you?

DB: I am doing alright. How are you?

BAO: I am fine, thanks.

DB: Great!

BAO: You have time to chat?

DB: I do!

BAO: Ok! I’m getting married in about three months.

DB: Oh, wow! That’s wonderful!

BAO: Indeed!

DB: So, what’s on your mind?

BAO: I’m not sure how to begin.

DB: Why are you marrying your lady?

BAO: She’s my best friend. And I love her very much.

DB: That’s nice.

BAO: Yeah.

DB: How long have you two been together?

BAO: Three years.

DB: Cool!

BAO: But I have a feeling for something else.

DB: Something else?

BAO: Yes. I think I find men attractive.

DB: You think?

BAO: Yes.

DB: I KNOW I love cooked Gari and One day old light soup, any day. I THINK I like Fried Rice. I know what I love, and what I think I like. Which is which for you?

BAO: I know I love being with a man.

DB: Have you been intimate with a man before?

BAO: No.

DB: Have you been intimate with your lady?

BAO: No.

DB: Hmmm! How old are you?

BAO: 35

DB: Virgin?

BAO: Not sure. I’ve kissed and engaged in oral sex before.

DB: With which of the sexes?

BAO: Same sex.

DB: You enjoyed it?

BAO: I think so.

DB: And, is that why you think you might like men?

BAO: Not really. I’ve always had the feeling.

DB: Are you sexually attracted to your lady?

BAO: I think so.

DB: Are you turned on by the thought of her being naked before you?

BAO: I don’t know. We’ve never really had any form of sex.

DB: But you’ve talked about sex?

BAO: Sure.

DB: What did you talk about?

BAO: Lol!

DB: I’d want to know.

BAO: Hmmm!

DB: You watch porn, right?

BAO: Lol.

DB: Are you going to answer my questions, please?

BAO: Yes, I watch porn.

DB: What type of porn?

BAO: Straight and gay porn.

DB: Which of the two do you love most?

BAO: Come on, Dave.

DB: Which of the two pornographic movies will I find on your phone’s browsing history?

BAO: Gay porn.

DB: Why do you watch straight porn?

BAO: I’d want to learn how best I can please my woman sexually, when we marry.

DB: So, when you are watching the straight porn, which of the actors sexually arouse you?

BAO: I don’t understand.

DB: When you are watching a straight porn, is your attention particularly fixated on the man, woman or the art itself?

BAO: I don’t know.

DB: You know!

BAO: I don’t know, Dave.

DB: Why are you getting married to this lady?

BAO: I already told you, Dave. She’s a good woman, my best friend, and I love her.

DB: Are you in love with her?

BAO: But I already said I love her!

DB: Yes, but are you in love with her?

BAO: You’re just repeating the same question.

DB: I am not.

BAO: I am in love with her.

DB: If I served you two plates of delicious meals, one containing a fine, tall, muscular, dark naked man, and the other, your naked fiancée, which of the two meals would you want to eat first?

BAO: Come on, Dave.

DB: Which of the plates would you want to be served first?

BAO: I don’t know.

DB: Well, it was nice chatting with you.

BAO: Dave, please.

DB: Would you want to answer my questions, please?

BAO: I’d want to be served with a plate of man.

DB: Why?

BAO: He will turn me on.

DB: Why do you want to marry a woman?

BAO: Dave, you keep asking me the same question, over and over.

DB: Because I do not wish for you to live a lie. I have sat in a church congregation as a witness to many of such pretend-straight-men, vowing to cling unto only their wives, to have pretense sex with. But in reality, they know they are not being honest. They are same-sex attracted men. I’ve had countless chats with many men cheating on their wives with men.

BAO: I am not gay.

DB: Bi-sexual, Bi-curious, whatever, but boy, you are very gay.

BAO: I’m a man, Dave, a Christian. I am an executive at church. I cannot be gay.

DB: You are saying this now. But what kind of man are you actually going to be after marriage?

BAO: I am not gay. I want to have children, with a woman. Which man in his right senses would choose to settle with a man over a woman?

DB: It’s never about choosing a man while there are women. It’s about choosing to be genuinely happy, over what society expects of you.

BAO: I am not gay.

DB: Desiring to be a father doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to be married to a woman.

BAO: I am not gay.

DB: I totally understand the frustrations you might be carrying. However, you’d have to know that, you are not who and what you’ve been or are going to be labeled to be. You are a spiritual being living a human experience, not a human living a spiritual experience. If your church and family, and friends cannot love you (their neighbor) as themselves, then you’d have to consider changing associations.

BAO: Hmmm.

DB: You get to choose to live, love and be you at the end of the day.

BAO: It’s not that simple, Dave.

DB: But it is. If only you’d be willing to change the way you look at things, the things you look at would also change.

BAO: My pastor will tell me ‘to repent’ should I cancel the wedding based on this.

DB: The church is a big part of your insecurities. You’d rather lie to that young lady and everyone else, and still go to church, huh? If you do not want to hurt your best friend, cancel this wedding and allow GOD, to bring her way a man who loves only women, her.

BAO: Hmmm!

DB: Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person. You’re just different, and different doesn’t mean ‘bad’. It’s not about having sex with men, but finding love in a human being. Are you deserving of love?

BAO: I am.

DB: Accepting you’re gay, is you being you – and nothing anyone says should be more important than that. What you’re about to do in three months is a lie. Marrying her, in your case, would be the sin, not being gay.

BAO: Hmmm!

DB: You are who you are. Don’t fix you with a woman to fit in society’s ideal. Live you.

BAO: How can I cancel the wedding without hurting her and our families’ feelings?

DB: I’m going to post this conversation on my platform for people to suggest ways.

BAO: Ok.

DB: Hey, you will be fine. Trust me on this. You will be fine.

BAO: If you say so.

DB: I know so.

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