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I am tempted to kill my husband for cheating on me – Livid wife


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An agitated wife has threatened to kill her husband for having extramarital affairs despite all her efforts to ‘please’ him.


According to her, she found out about her husband’s infidelity during an intimate moment in their bedroom without him realizing it.
“My husband called me by the name of another woman – while having sex with me. I don’t think he even realized that.” She disclosed.
In a conversation with social media relationship expert, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, the anonymous woman, who seem to consider being a widow, said men who engage in cheating on their partners die premature deaths.

Although she expressed disappointment in her husband, she claims she has not confronted him because she is not sure of the extent of her reaction.
She is, therefore, soliciting advice from the public on what action to take.
Read the full interaction below.

Would it be okay for me to assume that her man has concealed information he will not offer up voluntarily? Would I be right to say that she does not know her husband as well as she thinks she does? What information is being hidden from her? – DBM

CK: Hello David. We need to chat.

David Bondze (DB): Good evening to you too.
CK: Hmmm.
DB: How are you doing?
CK: Not great. How are you?
DB: I am feeling great! Lol!
CK: Smh.
DB: Hehehehehehe
CK: I’m serious here, Dave. Be serious too.
DB: This is my ‘serious’ vibe.
CK: I asked my husband whether I pleased him.
DB: Pleased him, how?
CK: In all aspects.
DB: And, why would you ask a man that?
CK: Because I wanted to please him.
DB: You cannot please any man.
CK: Dave, I just don’t know what that man wants.
DB: I can understand.
CK: What do you guys really want?
DB: Do I even know?
CK: So, you can’t think of anything as a man?
DB: I know what I want, but I honestly do not know what I want.
CK: Smh!
DB: Am not making any sense, am I?
CK: No!
DB: Naturally, a man’s wants changes as he ages. For example, I wanted chocolate when I was a child. I did not want chocolate in my teen years. I wanted ‘Adaaqua’. I wanted to go to school when I was a student. As a grown-up man, I don’t necessarily desire to go to school though I can pursue further studies. I want to work, make money and enjoy a secured life. I want to sing. That is the work I want to do.
CK: Hmmm.
DB: That’s the reality: a girl in her childhood wants to dance and cook, whereas boys wants to play. A teenage boy wants new shirts, and pants, and a shoe. He wants to watch porn and masturbate. He wants to go out to hang out with ‘paddies’. However, you ladies want bags and shoes and dresses, money, big breasts and butts. Our needs are different.
CK: What should a man want in marriage?
DB: We all want different things in a marriage.
CK: Women want the same things.
DB: That can’t be true.
CK: Women desire almost the same thing.
DB: Well, the wants of a man and a woman are different.
CK: Why can’t we all want the same things in marriage?
DB: It’s called the change in taste and preference. You might want your food spicy, he wouldn’t. You might want your food warm, he would want his cold. You like sugar, he may not like sugar. You would want to bath two times in a day. He may want to bath once.
CK: Hmmm.
DB: The habits of a man, you just would not want to know.
CK: My husband called me by the name of another woman – while having sex with me. I don’t think he even realized that.
DB: Oh, no!
CK: Hmmm.
DB: Seriously? Lol!
CK: Why are you laughing?
DB: Because I just remembered something funny.
CK: He always did everything on point: Home on time most times, making time for family, caring for me, helping me out, etc.
DB: I think I might know what that means.
CK: I don’t want to know.
DB: Gurrrrl, you would want to know.
CK: Dave, I don’t want to know.
DB: I’m terribly sorry.
CK: Hmmm.
DB: So, what did you do?
CK: I pretended I hadn’t heard.
DB: I see.
CK: And took out his SIM card while he was asleep to place in my phone.
DB: Why do you ladies like doing that? Another female friend did a similar thing to confirm her husband’s affairs.
CK: They will not tell the truth. What do you expect some of us wives to do?
DB: What did you find?
CK: The name he accidently called me, is the affair he’s having at the moment. I’ve taken enough snapshot evidences on my phone.
DB: And what are you going to do with that information?
CK: I’ve not decided on that yet.
DB: Have you confronted him?
CK: No.
DB: Why not?
CK: Because I still do not know what I’m capable of doing.
DB: I see.
CK: He made me feel I was the problem, that my weight was a problem, and that I wasn’t giving him enough attention. He made me want to change who I am for who he wants me to be.
DB: Hmmm!
CK: I’m not sure if I’m even angry. I’m so disappointed in my husband.
DB: He’s human.
CK: Dave, just for a second, could you put a stop to this ‘he’s human’ BULLSHIT?
DB: Eish!
CK: Yes sir.
DB: Okay!
CK: Great. Do you know that a lot of men are dying unnatural deaths?
DB: So I’ve heard.
CK: Yes, it’s really happening every day. I have been wondering how it would feel like to be a widow.
DB: No man is worth that much anger and evil.
CK: Then he needs to change. I will forgive him if he chooses to change. I feel stupid in a way, Dave. After everything I have done for us.
DB: You need to sit him down for a serious talk.
CK: I’ve been thinking of that, but the thought of him lying pisses me off already.
DB: So put your temperament under check and figure a day to talk.
CK: Can the guys on your platform simply tell us what they want from a woman to remain faithful in relationship or marriage?

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