The former manager of Ghanaian Gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, has said that the contract termination letter sent to the artiste was to test her in order to see if she has shown any kind of remorse for the wrongs she has been doing in breach of the contractual agreement both had.

Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, owner of Frimprince Music Production under which Evangelist Diana Asamoah worked, said in an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM that the contract termination was actually an opportunity given to the signee to make amends with the record label.

Speaking on Angel FM, Mr Frimpong, popularly known as Frimprince, said: “I served her with the letter on the 4th of August and was expecting that she would have some kind of remorse or maybe something good will come out. I gave her three weeks and after three weeks, she responded very nicely and thanked me and sent me a copy.”

In the Frimprince Music Production termination of contract letter, it stated in part “Frimprince Music Production shall continue to have absolute rights over all works that were produced under the production.”

They include ‘Wo Na Mani Agyina Wo’, ‘Mabowodin’, ‘Akoko Abon’, ‘Madansidie’, ‘Pentecost Gya’, ‘Momomme’, ‘Wo Damu Fua’, ‘Tetelesta’ and ‘Pentecost Soree’.

Among other things, Diana Asamoah is “restricted from referring to Mr Anane Frimpong as your executive producer. You will no longer have access to any of our digital platforms.”

The company is also taking ownership of the singer’s verified Facebook page ‘The Evangelist Diana Asamoah’.

Diana Asamoah is also “restricted from using Frimprince logo on any of your new songs.”

But Frimprince, speaking on Angel FM, hinted that “even after that, I was still considering something before making it public. The nonsense was still going on, so I decided to make it public.”