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Is your ex-partner dating someone else? Here’s how to deal with this situation



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1. When your ex is in a relationship!
Moving on from a break-up is a tough task, and the situation (and in turn, your feelings) can turn even more complicated when your ex-partner meets someone new and falls in love with the person. Yes, you are no longer in that relationship but you might witness a tinge of envy, insecurity or sadness, isn’t it? You might go down the memory lane and brood over why you broke up, or feel tempted to text your ex to know what’s happening in his or her life. If you are going through a similar emotional mess, you need to read this.



2. How did you get to know about it?
Are you still friends with your ex-partner? Are you in touch through social media? Do you have mutual friends who keep on talking about his or her life? The very first thing to do after a break up is to cut off all contacts. You cannot move on and heal yourself if you keep thinking about your ex-lover’s life and remember the person every day. In fact, the last thing you want to know about your ex-lover is the details of his or her love life. It is not your business anymore!

3. Accept your feelings

Since you have somehow got the news of your ex dating someone else, acknowledge your feelings. Whether you are sad, depressed, jealous or furious, brushing your feelings under the carpet would only worsen the matter. Try to understand the exact reason behind your response and do not hesitate in discussing it with your close friends or writing it down in your journal.
4. Remember why you broke up
Instead of comparing yourself to their new partner, stalking them on social media or doubting yourself for not being good enough, remember why you exactly parted ways. Focus on the things that you did not like about your ex-partner and be hopeful that life has something better in store for you.

5. Have your own life
It is normal to feel confused, gloomy, irritated, bored or even lonely after a break-up. But remember, you can see this phase as an opportunity to spend some me-time and work on yourself. Look for something that interests you and invest your time in your hobbies. Connect with your old friends, take a trip or tick off something that has always been there on your bucket list. You will eventually realize and prove to your own self that there is so much more to your life than just a romantic relationship.
6. Focus on what you have learnt
A heartbreak teaches you a lot about love, life, and relationships. Try to focus on the lessons you have learnt from this episode. What are the things that are a big ‘no’ for you in a relationship? What are the must-have traits for an ideal partner? Also, what are the areas where you can improve as a partner and an individual?

7. Give yourself time
Nobody moves on from a break-up in a day and you have to give yourself some time to bounce back to your normal life. All you need to do is to stay patient and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Plan interesting things, try to keep yourself busy, meet new people and know this phase will pass as well.
8. Your ex-partner has his own life!
Remember you are not competing anywhere with your ex-partner. If he has found someone else that does not mean you are lagging behind somewhere. It is his life, and how he handles his personal affairs should not impact you now.


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