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Jesus in the morning, voodoo in the evening – Spiritualist narrates how Christian clients seek his help to ‘kill’


When it comes to violence associated with religion, Christianity is often spared as people often conclude those who practice it are incapable of bloodshed (killing).


It is as a result of Christians believing the most expensive gift from God is life thus, making it morally unacceptable to destroy what God himself has engrained in the universe.

Such observations are steadily becoming debatable as one has witnessed in recent times how some ‘Christians’ resort to the use of all forms of spiritual powers in order to kill or to destroy people.

These circumstances are no different from that of Christopher Voncujovi, an Accra-based spiritualist who has hosted all manner of Christians trooping in and out of his shrine with requests to end a fellow human being’s life.

In an interview with www.Ghanaweb.com , he raised claims that truly, out of the many patrons who visited, Christians crowned the list of people who sought to kill

“When you come here we teach you about life. If you’re a Christian, we teach you to be a good one. A lot of time people who come here to say somebody has wronged them so they’d like for me to kill them are Christians. Unfortunately its only Christians who come for that and we tell them that’s not what we do here”.

Captivated about the fact that most of such Christians eventually get tired of God’s timing, forfeit their religion and run to him for quicker results, Bokor Voncudjoe cautioned that his shrine is not a place meant for eliminating the life of others.

Majority of my clients who want to ‘kill’ people are Christians – Spiritualist
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By this he meant, that he (Bokor) would strictly help patrons who opt to better their lives and not the ‘blood sucking’ ones.

‘’There are conceptions that traditional spirituality is evil because that’s what they’ve been told. When they are tired of whatever the church was doing and they could not find answers with prayers, they would ask me to do the dirty work because they think the devil resides here with me. Which is never true’

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