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Integrated Community Miners Association of Ghana ( ICOMAG) has expressed their profound gratitude and appreciation to the President, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and the Minister of Environment, science and innovation who doubles as the Chairman of the Inter Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng for the introduction of the Community Mining project, brightwebtv.com can confirm.

According to a statement sighted by brightwebtv.com which was signed by the President of the group Mr Kwadwo Sarfo said about 90% of the Ghanaian populace are still calling for another 4 year term for NPP government kind of administration to see Ghana in the robust economy we desire to achieve as a country.

“Is it true you are demoralised and perturbed about this excavator issues?, Come on Prof.!! Have you forgotten so soon what your outfit has been able to achieve for your government after the President repose of his trust and confident in you to head the sector? Oh my God!! Maybe I have to reiterate for your personal perusal to the glory of your galasayers”, he quizeled.

Read details of their statement below.

The Community Mining Project as Nana Addo and yourself introduced as seen the below benefits which alone makes your NPP government popular in the eyes of we the beneficiaries.
(I) Drastic reduction in mining related deaths and accidents. The various site management committees check the regular maintenance of pits as workers do not hide from the security forces as in the days of galamsey.
(2) Over 30,000 people employed in the already commissioned community mining sites across the country namely Nzema, Kotokuom, Mpasatia, Akrofrom, Abedwam, Adumanu and Nkuntin.
(3) The community mining project has reduced the pollution of river bodies and degradation of land because it is well structured and regulated by the District mining committees.
(4) No use of harmful chemicals in the processing of the ore thereby safeguarding our water bodies and that of the health conditions of the workers not like use to be previously with the dynamite.
(5) The Community mining project has been able to eliminate the issue of social vices associated with illegal mining such as child labour, drug abuse, prostitution etc.
(6) It has reduced armed robbery cases in mining Districts as the youth are gainfully employed now
(7) Active participation of all stakeholders as the indigenes feel to be part of the process especially Nananom, the police service and the District Assemblies
(8) Workers are given 50% and sometimes 60% of the total output making workers the major stakeholders unlike the galamsey era where workers were marked only 50 cedis a day. Workers nowadays enjoy the benefits and do not work in vain.

These and others are the reason why we are calling on your outfit to expedite any other activities under your watch that will keep your government in the good books of we your beneficiaries. If no one like or sees your handy works, we the earlier disgruntled galamseyers but now satisfied Community Mining workers appreciate your effort most and are even ready to forfeit our working day on the 7th December, 2020 to vote massively for H.E Nana Addo and the NPP government as it never use to be on times like this.

We would urge government to speed up with the launching of the community mining project in the remaining mining Districts as it can add about 250,000 people to the already 30,000 employed so far.we also plead with government to make land available for the Community mining project through the minerals commission and encourage Local investors to sponsor the Community Mining Project. Government should also make provisions for miners who couldn’t be trained at UMAT to benefit from the training program.

Kwadwo Safo
(President )

Kofi Asante
(Secretary )

Ahenkorah Mentu

Yaw Annor
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