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Kumawood Actress Sold into ‘Slavery’ in Kuwait Narrates her Sad Story


By:brightwebtv.com/Martin Awuku.

One of the most troubling problems which has been facing some Ghanaian ladies who travel outside for ‘greener pastures’ within the past few decades is the case of exploitation they face, especially when they travel to the Gulf States.


We’ve all heard those kinds of stories, where a Ghanaian lady is made a maid to some family in Kuwait or another Gulf country who humiliate, maltreat and completely wreck her by treating her worse than a slave.
The ordeal some of these ladies go through is enough to break any heart once you hear of it and the only mystery is that despite all these warnings, some ladies still travel to the Gulf to work.

One Kumawood actress has revealed that she suffered a similar fate once in her life. Patricia Osei Boateng has revealed in an interview that she was deceived by an elder in her church who promised her a nursing job in Kuwait only for her to end up being a modern day ‘slave’.
According to her, the treatment meted out to her was quite hellish and there were days she had to work full days without having any food in her tummy.
Unable to endure her suffering anymore, she requested for deportation and luckily she was deported and she was able to come back to Ghana and rebuild her life.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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