A member of the Lumba Brothers duo, Nana Acheampong, has debunked rumours he has a stale relationship with his colleague, Daddy Lumba.

In a bid to silence the rumours, he hinted of plans to revive their old relationship with an album and tour this year to take their fans back to the roots.

“When we split up, people attributed it to money issues, girls and other things they deemed fit but nothing of that sort was true,” he clarified in an interview with Nhyira FM.

Elaborating on his tour plans, Nana Acheampong explained they would take the vintage approach; old ‘pimpinis’ dressing with oversized shirt and jerry curls hair like they wore back in the days.

The Lumba Brothers met in Germany in 1989 in search for greener pastures and decided on collaboration as they looked, sounded and behaved alike.

They redefined the music landscape with seasoned highlife songs; the likes of Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu, Odo Nti and Sika .