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Man divorces wife for a doll; claims no woman can satisfy him in bed



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A 39-year-old man has done the unthinkable by divorcing his wife and mother of four he accused of spending his money and not being able to satisfy him in bed within the 10 years of marriage.

According to him, women are full of troubles and may sometimes infect their partners with diseases for which reason he has resigned his fate to spending his entire life with the doll he finds solace and comfort in.

Paellas Mohule who is a car dealer and hails from Botswana is reported to have purchased the sex doll at a whopping $2,600 arguing that almost all women he dated or married were unable to satisfy him in bed one of the reasons he decided to go in for the doll which costs less and which he may find enough satisfaction in.

So after sleeping with it, he divorced the mother of four children claiming she was no match to the doll when it comes to bedroom matters.

However, he pledged to support his former wife and children provided she allowed him time to enjoy the doll in peace.




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