Lord Kenya

Family of popular rapper, Okomfour Kwadee, has served a notice to musician-turned-pastor Lord Kenya to back off from their much-loved family member who has been “sick” for years now.

According to them, Lord Kenya and his friends, who have sworn to cater for Okomfour Kwadee, should refrain from such gestures if they want to avoid embarrassment and subsequent notices.

Reacting to this in a video sighted by Adomonline.com on social media, Lord Kenya said he cannot fathom why Okomfour’s family wouldn’t want people to help him.

Additionally, he said it’s difficult to comprehend how Kwadee’s family can get money to sue him but they cannot channel that same energy to help the musician recover.

In a video that circulated a few weeks ago, Lord Kenya visited Okomfour Kwadee at a rehabilitation centre where the duo, who were once reigning in the music space, had a hearty conversation.

The pastor promised to take care of his brother, adding that, he will make sure he bounces back into the entertainment sphere.

But in the latest development, Lord Kenya has been asked by Okomfour’s family to refrain or face the law.

All of a sudden we don’t know where this is coming from? The lawyer said we should note that they have their client’s instruction to sue us in the court of law for damages for any unauthorised use or access to their clients.

This is a letter from Okomfour’s family and the same lawyer we were calling to tell him that the rapper needs to be discharged.

The mother instructed the letter to be written though his son is stable now. We were asking what plans they had for him. If you don’t have plans for him, why is it that people are helping him and all of a sudden there is pressure?

I cannot help a friend and be taken to court for that. There is so much pain and struggle. Why are you guys troubling him like this?

Why are you frustrating the guy like that? To the extent that, we all know the situation and we have all united to take our brother to rehab. Where from this? Why are you suing me in court for helping Okomfour Kwadee?

They should know that who God has blessed no man can curse. All these years, so you have money to go to court? Why are we like that?

 Okomfo Kwadee is definitely coming back.