A transgender, Angel Maxine, has hinted she is crazily in love with Dancehall King Shatta Wale.

She confessed she experiences multiple orgasms anytime she hears Shatta Wale, whom she described as her all-time crush.

But for cultural orientation, the transgender musician said she would have made her intentions already known to Shatta, even to the point where they may have tied the knot.

As to why she now has confidence to outdoor her sexuality and voice her feelings for Shatta Wale, she said the world is evolving and there is a general understanding and acceptance of sexual transition.

“We are now in an open world: people have now passed those times where things were considered weird. Transgender is not the only weird thing and I am happy people are now beginning to understand.

“Lately, women also propose to men so Shatta I am proposing to you today. Anyone who knows him or hears him, please Shatta come and marry me because I love you. This is true love, not music love,” she said in a live interview on Zylofon FM.

With Shatta Michy and three kids in the picture, she said she is unperturbed, adding that she will bear another Majesty Junior for Shatta Wale.

Elaborating on how possible that is, the determined lover said she is prepared to go medical and surgical to ensure she has a feel of motherhood in the near future.

Aside her ‘true love’ for Shatta Wale, she is also ready to begin a musical journey with the award winner, starting from a collaboration.