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The communications director for the Film producers’ Association of Ghana (FIPAG) Mr. Mawule Ekpe Peter (ABRO) has described the Chief executive officer for Miracle Films Productions, Mr. Samuel Nyamekye as the main problem the Film industry and FIPAG are currently facing.

Mr Mawule accused Mr. Nyamekye on live show programme on UTV, hosted by Nana Ama Macbrown which was monitored by brightwebtv.com, for sabotaging the leadership of the Association, as allegedly always trying to destroy everything they try to put together .

Abro made a weird allegations against Mr. Samuel Nyamekye for accusing the leadership of film producers Association on their platform, to have collected money from the chief and elders of Sekyere and have promised them to make sure the national film village comes to Sekyere, rather than Kunsu or Hemang.

In a swift response from Mr. Nyamekye on the same show as the programme progresses, He denied ever making such allegations and promised never to talk about any issue involving the industry, because they always push him to do something and in return, blame him for the actions they misled him to.

Shockingly reacting to Mr. Nyamekye’s denial, Abro said, if Mr. Nyamekye could ever deny telling them some executives have taken money from the chiefs to send the project to Sekyere, he will be very surprised and will never regard him as a reverend Minister and a man of God.

“You know what, Mr Nyamekye is a liar,from today I will never believe him as a man of God, never in my life, never, if he can deny this on a big platform like this, Nana you know what, I am highly disappointed, he is the problem of FIPAG, anything we decide to build, he tries all his possible best to destroy it, I have evidence to support my claims and will disclose it wherever he calls me, but not again in our administration, we will not concentration on him again”, he told Macbrown.

He therefore pleaded with Mr. Nyamekye to exercise patience for them to accord him the respect they always give to him

source;brightwebtv/nana asare barimah

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