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Single Ladies ‘Lash’ their Spiritual Husbands in church.


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In the search for success in life, whether in one’s personal or professional life, there are 1,001 obstacles that spring up every day, determined to stop you from reaching your success.
That’s because life is hard and nothing comes easy, and the sickness which is keeping Africa down and hindering our progress is that too many of us think the way to overcome these obstacles is to sing and jump in church and give money to pastors.

That’s why it’s par for the course to hear of pastors convincing their congregations to do crazy things in Africa, whether we’re talking about Obinim in Ghana, Sheperd Bushiri in Malawi and more recently, Alph Lukau in South Africa. These pastors prey on this need to seek supernatural help for success in life and are able to manipulate their congregations.

In the latest edition of crazy African religious acts, a group of single ladies in a church were directed to bring canes to church, which they would use to lash their spiritual husbands to leave them alone so they can find a husband in the real world.
I wish I could say that’s too crazy but it wasn’t that long ago that we were reporting on a fake resurrection in South Africa, so canning spiritual husbands is not really that strange when you consider how brainwashed Africans are by Christianity.

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