A Covid-19 patient has recounted how she has become an object of ridicule before many of her friends and relatives after testing positive for the deadly novel virus.

According to the middle-aged woman, who spoke under anonymity, the past few weeks have been her dreaded moment in life.

“It started when a team of health workers came to our house to pick a boy who they said had tested positive after his sample was taken but he refused to go. So they decided to interrogate me about his health status.

“The news of his status was all over the community though we did not know for sure and that was when our nightmare began. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with our household,” she said.

Narrating her ordeal on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, she explained that the Assemblyman for the area came with policemen to pick the boy to the hospital which forced all of them to follow.

“We went to the hospital and the experience at the facility, there was a misunderstanding and in an attempt to intervene, the doctor looked me in the face and said the virus was all over my body though I had not been tested,” she lamented.

She explained that health workers called her days later with news of testing positive and an ambulance on its way to convey her to the hospital.

She said she is currently at the Kumasi South Hospital treatment centre with nobody to take care of her children because her husband is dead and family too has abandoned them.

“I have been here for a week now with few friends calling to ask of me and whenever they do, I plead with them to find something for my children because I have traveled to my village,” she said amid tears.