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Two Powerful NDC Politicians Chop Me Falaa, One Went 5 Round — Joyce Dzidzor Threatens to Disclose Names


By Martin Awuku.

27 January

The self-acclaimed ‘sensible mad woman’ of Ghanaian showbiz, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is back to her brilliant best on social media, causing a commotion with her latest post.

If you are not following Joyce Dzidzor Mensah on Facebook then you’re really doing yourself a disservice, because every time she posts you know she has something juicy to reveal.

Her latest claim is that some two, very powerful NDC politicians used to chop her down falaa during her time as an HIV/AIDS ambassador.

Ever since losing that role Dzidzor has insisted that she was sabotaged whilst HIV ambassador and made to lose many opportunities. She also claims monies owed her have not been paid.


In this new post, Dzidzor said she needs her money otherwise she’s going to expose these politicians who chopped her down. According to her the s*x was very powerful and she even went 5 rounds with one of the politicians and gave him all her styles.

Didn’t I tell you there’s never a dull moment on Dzidzor’s wall? Read her post below…

“Two very powerful Top NDC politicians who had s*x with me. This message goes to you. I still respect you because of your important positions so I will not mention your names for now.

But the same way you people conspired and sabotaged my meeting with Bill gate after my visa was processed and my first class ticket sent to me to fly to Tokyo, that is the same way I will do to you if you are still behaving this way.

I am not blackmailing anyone. As for the s*x, we all enjoyed it but the HIV money, am not leaving it. If you people think you can use me for that dirty Job and keep the million dollars to yourselves alone then you must be joking.

I will never lie about my affair with any man. And if am just fabricating s*x stories, may thunder strike me dead.

I did all the dirty job by sacrificing my image. On top of that, you people had s*x with me. Raw sex no condom.
I remember that particular s*x we had, five rounds at a go giving you all my styles and yet you people will do this to me.

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