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Used ladies underwear, pads, hot cakes for money rituals

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Fear is gradually gripping ladies who usually hang their underwear outside after washing to dry.

This follows the video that went viral last week of two men who were allegedly apprehended in Kasoa in the Central Region for stealing ladies’ panties for money rituals.

The two men, whose names were given as Douglas Owusu and Bright Adjei, are seen in the picture which is trending on various social media platforms holding two female panties.


To ascertain the veracity of this much-talked-about picture which has generated a lot of comments on all female platforms on WhatsApp and Facebook, The Mirror cross-checked from the Kasoa Police Station through the Director-General of Public Affairs Directorate, of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu but they said there is no case like that pending before them. However, the story has been confirmed by a number of people living around Kasoa.


Interestingly, a number of policemen also admitted receiving the said picture on social media platforms they belonged to.

In a bid to also find out if indeed women’s undergarments and sanitary pads could be used for such heinous rituals, this reporter interviewed one Mallam Issaku Adam, who is based in the Northern Region, and he confirmed that there was a link between used female underwear and sanitary pads in the world of money rituals.

According to Mallam Adam, who is well versed in such ritual routines, people who usually wanted to get rich or double their level of richness were often requested to bring several items, and some of those things might be included depending on the person performing the rituals.

“In the spirit world, intimate things from women often work like magic, that is why these young guys who want to get rich in no time are asked to go round to collect a number of used sanitary pads from dumpsters, hotels, hospitals and public toilets which are usually places a lot of such things could be gathered from,” he said.

He noted that some of the big men in town also liked to contract young men to go round to fish out for such items and were paid off when they got the desired quantity.

He said there were people who were asked to sleep with young women and use handkerchiefs or any clean piece of cloth to wipe their private parts after sex, and those items were brought for certain rituals.


Recently, it was in the news that a young man who had been going round the universities to steal panties belonging to female students was arrested.

However, the accused allegedly explained to the police that he often sniffed the underwears he stole and got sexually aroused.

Comments posted by some ladies who expressed their fear on this unfolding issue on Facebook resolved not to dry their undergarments in the open anymore since they were scared that they would get stolen for ritual purposes.


Ms Ama Akoto Mensah, who lives in a compound house, told this reporter that a number of times her sponge, towel and panties got stolen from the drying line and it had been a bother to her.

“In fact, I always assumed that my co-tenants who are also females could be behind the theft but with this frightening revelation, I will get an indoor drying rack to dry my undergarments,” she stated.

Source: Daily Graphic

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