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Censor music before you play on radio – Adofo to DJs


By:brightwebtv.com/Martin Awuku.

Veteran Highlife artist J.A. Adofo is urging authorities in the music industry to pay close attention to the lyrical content being churned by the current crop of musicians.


Speaking to Citi TV he said the lack of quality control in the industry has allowed music with what he described as unwholesome lyrics to flood the airwaves.

“What I have to tell the key stakeholders and government is that during the days of Kwame Nkrumah, when we produced music we took it to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and they kept it in their library,” he said.

He continued that “there was a listening session which allowed for songs to be censored for abusive and inappropriate language and as a result, there was a check on the music that reaches the youth and society at large.”
According to him, these days there is no quality control on what song goes on air so musicians get away with all manner of lyrics but the presenters must be firm and ensure that the clean songs are played.

“There are certain issues that must be kept away from the public domain but we have allowed these things to happen and it’s ruining our children so we must make a conscious effort to check them if we want our society to be progressive,” he added.

The legendary highlife singer was recently awarded at Trigmatic’s ‘My Life’ concert as one of the stakeholders in the music industry to have contributed to the growth and projection of highlife music to the world.

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