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‘Ghana lucky to have Constitution Day; Nigerian constitution is fraud’ – Nigerian journalist


Renowned Nigerian historian and Journalist, Chinweizu Ibekwe has lauded President Akufo-Addo for creating the constitution day holiday which he believes will draw the attention of the citizens to the constitution.


According to him, unlike his home country Nigeria, Ghanaians are lucky to have the constitution day holiday which helps Ghanaians to reflect on the constitution.
Mr. Chinweizu Ibekwe described the 1979 constitution of Nigeria as a piece of fraud adding that the framing and formulation of the constitution during military leader Sani Abacha’s regime was shrouded in secrecy.
Speaking in an interview on Citi TV’s current affairs program, Face to Face, the Journalist argued that the constitution was put together in the interest of the then Government and not the citizens adding that up until date, most Nigerians still do not have a better understanding of the provisions in the constitution.



Mr. Chineweizu Ibekwe also described as a “total lie” the preamble of the Nigerian constitution that says Nigerians devised and enacted the constitution by themselves without any form of oppression and intimidation.

“You guys are lucky, because your Government has recently given you a constitution day holiday, which hopefully will draw your attention to the constitution so you know what is in it, in the case of the Nigerian 1979 constitution, it is a piece of fraud and I give you the most obvious there may be several others”
“The preamble says we people devised, enacted and gave it to ourselves, that is a total lie. The Constitution was drawn up during the Abacha regime in secret and was promulgated by decree. … People were not consulted, it was not submitted for a referendum and most Nigerians do not even know what is in it until today. That is the main fraud.”

In justifying why he believes the Nigerian constitution is a fraudulent document, Chinweizu Ibekwe cited instances in the Nigerian Constitution that addresses the “objectives and fundamental principles of state policies”, according to all the nice things written in that section of the constitution is deceptive as another clause in the Nigerian constitution in the same vein absolves Government of all responsibilities such as fighting corruption and providing essential services.
He, however, failed to state the exact parts of the Nigerian constitutions to support his claim.
According to him, until Nigerians are able to grasp a better understanding of their constitution and demand better and accountable leadership, very little will change in the oil-producing West African country in terms of progress.

“The other fraud is the constitution has a section called chapter 2, it talks about the objectives and fundamental principles of state policy, it has all kinds of lovely things in it, state has to fight corruption, has to provide all kinds of services for the population, but in a clause before that it absolve the state too many of those things and most Nigerians do not even know their constitution because if they know they will discover why their Government is doing nothing for them because it is exempted from doing any of those nice things…. So the Government does not care, it does not give security, it does not protect you, because it has been absolved from them from by a different section of the constitution.”

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