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The Brong Ahafo NDC Regional Youth Organizer, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo has called for the founder and leader of Glorious world and Power Ministry International, Rev. Owusu Brmpah to be caged over what he claims the Rev. is encouraging Religious vigilantism.




Speaking with brightwebtv.com he said, whilst the President of the Republic pretends he want to disband vigilantism, his Spiritual father Owusu Bempa is now testing the strength of those he has already trained.

Owusu Bempa now claim to be powerful and can kill without even police invite? No wonder he threatened to kill Mogabe with his thugs.

This is not the first time the man called Owusu Bempa did what he did to the media. December this year, he entered hot FM and destroyed their gadgets because his name was mentioned in a discussion.

This is a man who claim to be powerful because he is close to the President.

This is a man who claim all police officers together cannot arrest him. No wonder his friend is Kennedy Agyapong and Wontumi.

*This is a man who envy everything about his colleague pastors including their wives.*

This is a man who was given $10million dollar contract by the Npp and is tasked with Abronye to destroy President MAHAMA with lies.

This is a man who has turned himself into a connection man and a link between himself and the President of the Republic.

This is a man who was promised by Npp to build and furnish a church for him after building their party office.

This is a man who has agreed on a national Television that he is an occult and has 12 parrots at home which signifies the promotion to the 12 stage in the satanic world.

This is a man who can give prophecy and claim it’s from God and later apologize on behalf of God for the prophecy given.

I will continue to praise Mogabe for the perfect description given to the so called man of God who bleaches.

*A pig is an animal that is very greedy, wicked, will eat anything that comes it’s way because of greed, is dirty, active when hungry but very lazy, proud, full of himself and this description fit only one person who claims he a Religious Vigilante. So where has has Mogabe erred?*

A man of God who can verbally and publicly assault a former President and call him unpleasant names.

A man of God full of bitterness for your fellow human because of $10million bribe contract from the Npp.

A man of God who is not in talking terms with almost all his colleague pastors because of politics and a spirit full of envy.

Owusu Bempa actually need a National crusade so that all the pastors in Ghana could pray for him and deliver him from his evil deeds.

Am again reminding Owusu Bempa that Npp will not forever remain in power.

He should be reminded that Npp as a party calls him a nuisance fellow. And only sometimes need him for the dirty jobs he has been assigned.

How could a man of God keep on disgracing the work of God because of $10million dollar contract?

He should learn from the true men of God we have in this country and stop using God’s name for scam business.

Owusu Bempa should once again remember John MAHAMA is the eye of God and all those who because of politics lied with his name received their reward shortly.

Owusu Bempa should know that his time for God to destroy him is up. He should look up to his colleague prophets like Prof. Salifu, Prof. Badu Kobi, Angel OBINIM, Rev. Obofuor the taking over man, Prof. Opambour and learn from them.

He should also know that God is supreme and he alone will continue to be supreme and not his 12 parrots.

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