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A/R: IMAGHE INC – USA Screens 1,500 Residents At Banka Free Health Fair

By Nana Asare Barimah


The Medical Non – Profit Organization, International Medical Associates for Global Health Empowerment ( IMAGHE ) which serves underprivileged communities with healthcare needs, screened about 1,500 residents of Blood Pressure, Malaria, Diabetes,Hypertension and Hepatitis.Some children were also assessed on Nutrition.


Speaking at the event which was the 3rd of it’s kind in Ghana, the President and Founder of the Organization, Dr. Derrick Aboagye revealed the core principle of the Organization,saying IMAGHE Recruits,Screens,Treat,Empowers and Builds.

Touching on Screening and Treatment, Dr. Derrick Aboagye said residents are screened for medical conditions and those deem to treat are referred for further evaluation or given necessary means.

He advised people to visit the hospital regularly for check ups and not only wait to fall sick.

“They body is very hilarious. If you don’t study it well you might think is just a normal change.Before you realize it has already caused something dangerous,” he explained.

Dr. Derrick Aboagye pleaded with the residents to limit the intake of salty and oily foods which is dangerous to the body.

“A section of the residents Vitals are good but they need to be careful with the foods they eat, “he advised.


Dr. Derrick Aboagye added that some of the screened residents had Blood Pressure and advised them to take their medication serious.

According to him exercise is a cheap medicine which keeps the body stronger saying regular exercise helps improve the body.

Dr. Felix Frimpong, a Nutritionist was strict on parents who refuse to feed their children with healthy diet.

He said children need healthy food to grow healthy saying breakfast is essential in everyday life.

Nurse Kyei Baffour Michael advised that health is a paramount need and admonished residents to eat more vegetables and fruits,drink enough water to prevent dehydration and less alcohol intake.

Nurse Princess Anane Berko reiterated that self medication is a dangerous act and should be avoided immediately.

She advised people not to hesitate to visit the hospital for professional service and solution.

Coordinator of IMAGHE Ghana,Ohenewah Ntorinkansah reminded the residents on the need to keep their environment clean in order not to be bitten by mosquitoes.

She said a clean environment repels mosquitoes saying malaria is a killer disease and all must be vigilant.

The Associates were elated to serve the people of Banka and urged colleague health professionals to join IMAGHE.

Osabarima Twiampomah III, Chief of Banka was happy for the free health screening for his people and called on IMAGHE to extend the gesture to other needy areas.

He said the bad nature of the roads make it difficult to assess healthcare adding vehicles are reluctant to ply the township when an emergency strikes.

“Our health problem is quite not good.A chunk don’t get money to go to hospital when sick, some also don’t have money to renew their NHIS card,” he lamented.

He added that a healthy community can be secured depending on good environment for improvement.

According to the Banka Chief,if you ask someone to go for communal labour, they fail to participate because of sickness.

The beneficiary residents thanked IMAGHE for the gesture saying they had no money to attend to hospital.

“We are very glad for this health fair.IMAGHE has given us medicines free of charge.We had no money to attend to hospital but thanks to IMAGHE we have been screened and given drugs,”they rejoiced.

A 72 year old woman who could hardly walk asked for God’s blessings for IMAGHE and urged them to do more of such gesture.

President and Founder of IMAGHE INC – USA,Dr. Derrick Aboagye and his Vice – President, Dr. Ebenezer Addo represented the other Executives.



On behalf of IMAGHE INC – USA, Dr. Derrick Aboagye donated about 35 boxes of varieties of medical equipments and supplies to the Banka Health Center.

The items valued between $25,000 to $30,000 were received by the Chief of Banka, Nana Osabarima Twiampomah |||.

He expressed profound gratitude to IMAGHE and like Oliver Twist, he asked for more of such gesture.





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