A Ghanaian pastor claims he has discovered cure for the deadly Covid-19 virus, popularly known as Coronavirus.

Apostle Job Antwi said the Holy Spirit gave him the chemical equation of the therapy after days of prayers and he has decided to share it to save the world.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is yet to declare COVID-19 as a pandemic but it has advised countries to take aggressive containment measures.

But the international response had been described as lukewarm since the outbreak of the virus from its original source in Wuhan, China.

It has now spread to Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas with medical experts struggling to find cure to contain the deadly virus.

Neighbouring country, Nigeria which is battling with the virus is offering 36 million naira to anyone who finds cure.

Well, President Mahamudu Bawumia needs not look any further since the cure is already in Ghana.

Virgin Pastor said the magic portion is for those affected to accept Christ as their Lord and personal savior.

“God is angry due to the increasing iniquities in the world; coronavirus virus is demonic and will continue to kill people if we don’t change our ways,” he warned.

Apostle Joe Antwi said as a faithful servant, he has decided to begin a worldwide evangelism campaign to spread the gospel and is confident God will have mercy on his people.

“Through my evangelism people will be healed and coronavirus will vanish,” he added.

Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman