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police gun down robber for snatching mobile phone from a student

A suspected robber last Sunday lost his life when he was hit by a warning shot fired by a police patrol team after he allegedly snatched a mobile phone from a student who was returning home from a party at about 2 a.m. near Manet on the Spintex Road, Accra.
The robber was a pillion rider on an unregistered motorbike allegedly used for snatching mobile phones in robbery expeditions by the two suspected robbers.
The rider of the motorbike Dennis Amponsah was also hit by a bullet and was taken to the Police Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.
According to the victim, who wants to remain anonymous, the suspected robbers attacked a number of persons on the Spintex Road that dawn.
She said her shouts for help after her mobile phone had been snatched from her attracted the attention of a police patrol team.

In an attempt by the police to arrest the suspects, the victim said, the police pursued them and fired warning shots but they failed to stop.
An eye witness said after the pillion rider was hit by the bullet, he fell from the motorbike but the rider did not stop even though he had also been hit.
When contacted, the Commander of the Operations Unit of the Accra Regional Police Command, Chief Superintendent of Police, Mr. Kwasi Ofori, confirmed the incident.
He said the police found Amponsah who had called for help from some men who were suspected to be his accomplices, a few meters off the Spintex Road.
Amponsah and two of his accomplices were arrested and upon a search, a machete and a dagger were retrieved from them.
The motorbike has also been impounded, while the mobile phone which was snatched from the victim was also found in the pocket of the pillion rider after he had been shot by the police.

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