Coronavirus china
The Coronavirus has killed over 80 people in china

Contrary to reports that people entering Ghana from China would be quarantined for 14 days amidst the widespread of the coronavirus killing people in different parts of the globe, some Ghanaians are still entering the country without thorough checks.

The Covid-19 infection, which was previously referred to as the Coronavirus, is still spreading fast in different parts of the world despite attempts by the World Health Organisation to find a cure.

Thousands have died from the flu-like-lung-infectious disease which is causing scare among many people across the world.

Checks by revealed people travelling from China have easy pass into the country.

Some students from China, who claimed most of their friends have left China for Ghana and were not duly checked, said many of them passed through the Kotoka International Airport with ease and were not admitted on quarantine-based procedures.

Meanwhile, Head of Disease Surveillance at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Franklin Asiedu Bekoe, has described measures put in place to avert the spread of the coronavirus into Ghana by the Health Service as impermeable.

Disclosing at a press briefing on Thursday, February 13, 2020, he said the surveillance staff are being trained on specimen collection, packaging, security, and how to handle specimen without spilling and infecting the environment.

“Surveillance training is very important to sharpen the skills of medical staff to help others without unduly placing themselves in undue risk,” he said.

Additionally, Dr Sarkodie revealed travelers to and from Hubei and Wuhan City in China would be quarantined for 14 days with about 2,500 people screened daily at the Kotoka International Airport.

But, according to some students who spoke to , this has not been the case as some of their colleagues who landed in Ghana recently were not quarantined for two weeks to know their true status.

One of the students, who touched down on February 24, 2020, said he wasn’t quarantined.

When queried if he went through a thorough checkup, he said: I just passed. I wasn’t quarantined. I just filled some questionnaire; the Chinese are rather being separated from the rest. I think they will call us back later.

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