Security analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye, says government has failed in the handling of the Western Togoland incident.

Speaking on the Morning Starr Monday, Coloney Aboagye said the state must admit its shortcomings and seek to do better in order to nib the action of the group in the bud.

“The definition of certain technical terms is not the preserve of politicians, we need to get that from the start. We need to admit that we failed. The fact that we did not see what happened on Friday coming and prevent it, that is intelligence failure,” he told host Francis Abban.

He also blamed the feet-dragging posture of the government on previous incidents of similar nature for the current situation.

“The way and manner in which we have dealt with the issue of treason have emboldened other groups”.

It comes after Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah defended the performance of government in response to the insurgence attack.

“Government is taking steps to deal with threats of succession expressed by a group in the Volta region and in particular the events of Friday, September 25 2020. Now in recent months the activities of this group has gained notoriety even as government has been responding with appropriate force and the rule of law. The events on Friday morning have been as at now contained by the security agencies. Efforts are also underway to contain our standing threats from this group,” journalists at the Minister’s Press Briefing in Accra on Sunday

The HSGF, a group championing the secession of parts of Ghana along the border with Togo last Friday blocked roads and hoisted flags as parts of agitation for independence from Ghana.

However, reacting to the matter, the Minister condemned the act and called on all traditional, religious and political institutions to join hands to help combat the separatist activities even as government initiate measures to bring the situation under full control.

“We continue to encourage all well meaning Ghanaians especially traditional religious and political groups to express solidarity with the Republic and join in the efforts of holding the One Nation agenda while condemning these unfortunate developments. Now while the security agencies maintain a presence to avert any further developments, it will also be important to in the coming days provide more education, for example on the false basis for which the persons who are leading these exercises sort to mobilize support.

“Key actors who have been identified as ultimately responsible for these events are also on the watch list of the security agencies and actually wanted at this point in time. In the coming days the security agencies would I think be publishing some of the photographs and identities of persons who they are on a man for. Residents of these areas are encouraged to remain calm and to go about their daily lives without fear,” he added.