The paramount queen mother of Abura Asiebu Kwamankese in the Central Region has cautioned men who impregnate teenagers and end up stalling their education against the practice.

The queen mother, who bemoaned the phenomenon, is calling for the castration of men who impregnate young girls of school-going age.

According to her, this will serve as a deterrent to older men who have made it a habit of having sexual intercourse with younger girls, impregnating them and making them quit school because of their condition.

The queen mother, who is also the Queen Mother’s Association President of Kwamankese, Nana Ekua Enyima III, speaking in an interview with Class 91.3 FM’s Central Regional Correspondent, Nana Tawiah, said: “What the men are doing is bad. It doesn’t help the Ghanaian girl-child because you’ll see a small girl of school-going age, in school, she won’t get anywhere because she’s pregnant.

“When you look it into it, you’ll realise majority are impregnated by adults who threaten the girls not to tell anyone, that if they tell, they’ll kill them. So if you’re a man going for such a young girl, once you’re married you should not even go there.”

She continued: “Once you do, you must take care of the girls in a way their parents would have till they become useful in the society.

“I’m of the opinion that any man who will impregnate a girl of school-going age should be castrated,” she said.

Despite acknowledging that sometimes, the girls are impregnated even by their classmates, and end up becoming school dropouts while the boys who impregnate them continue schooling, she stressed that older men who do same must not be let off the hook as this menace is not facilitating the development of the girl-child.

The queen mother also revealed efforts by the Queen Mother’s Association of Kwamankese to curb the menace by providing sanitary pads for the girl-child as most of them due to their inability to even afford pads, fall prey in such situations.