A rubber farmer, who has been identified as Antobam and believed to be in his late 40s, has been shot and killed by armed robbers after he allegedly challenged them during a gold robbery getaway at James Town, a suburb of Dompim, in the Tarkwa Nsueam Municipality of the Western region.

Information available to 3news.com indicates that at about 8:19 pm on Friday, eight young men approached a gold dealer by name Afia Kitiwaa at James Town under the pretext of wanting to buy gold.

Unbeknownst to her, the young men were armed robbers in disguise.

Immediately they got to her house, they asked her and the rest of the occupants to lie on the floor and submit to their demands, alas they shoot them.

The armed robbers then proceeded to order Afia Kitiwaa to bring out all her gold and money.

Afia obliged and gave them her gold and money, which were from a business she had transacted the previous day.

In the course of the exchanges, one of the occupants – a Guinean – saw a window of opportunity and had wanted to escape but was hit in the jaw with the butt of a gun.

The deceased, Antobam, who was all this while drinking at a spot nearby is reported to have heard the noise of exchanges and rushed to the house.

Antobam met the robbers coming out of Afia’s house on a staircase, became suspicious and questioned them.

But the robbers pointed a gun at him and asked him to remain silent and lie on the floor or be shot.

Antobam refused and dared the robber. The robbers then shot him in the head.

The gun shot attracted the other young men who were at the bar.

Unfortunately, the robbers took to their heels and went into the forest of Dompim.

A search party from the community was immediately sent after them.

Antobam left behind a wife and six children.

His dead body has since been sent to the Tarkwa Municipal Government Hospital.

Both Afia Kitiwaa and the Guinean – hit in the jaw – have been brought back from the hospital and are said to be recovering.