He posted “Rest in Peace to Me” on Facebook

In yet another incident that has left social media users all over shell-shocked, a Kenyan man, Dennis Yego, was found dead on Wednesday near his home in Kabiyet Village, barely 48 hours after he posted a suicide message on Facebook.

In a post-dated February 17, 2020, Dennis, splashed series of photographs of himself which he cryptically captioned: “Rest In Peace To Me.”

In one of the comments under Dennis’s timeline,  his wife poured her heart out and lambasted the now-deceased for being a self-centered coward who did not have any concern towards his son, who will now grow up without a father.

Following the social media post, some social media users took the ‘suicide note’ lightly, with some even offering to assist in giving him a rope to make a noose. However, some social media users chastised him for his ominous remarks.

Source: iHARARE