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Teacher allegedly poisons and kills 23 students


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A teacher allegedly poisoned 23 children at a kindergarten by tampering with their morning porridge. It was alleged they carried out the disturbing act to get revenge on a colleague following a dispute. The pupils in Jiaozuo in the Henan province, central China, were taken to hospital after they began vomiting and fainting , according to local reports.




One parent claimed he rushed to hospital where doctors had already pumped his child’s stomach. A child has been left with ‘severe’ symptoms while seven others remain in hospital for observation, reports say.



Photographs appear to show children lying in hospital beds hooked up to drips. The teacher has been arrested and taken into custody following the incident, the South China Morning Post .



Sadly, murders committed at schools aren’t uncommon, and according to the statistics, cases of extreme school violence are on the rise. A lot of the time, these murders are committed by students for a whole host of reasons. Rarely are these horrible crimes committed by teachers.



After all, teachers are people who chose a career path that is dedicated to helping people learn and grow. But sadly, there are a few terrible acts of violence committed by teachers against the very pupils they were meant to guide.

It can also be recalled that Nathaniel Mellerson was a 29-year-old computer teacher at the Miami Dade Community College in Florida, and he also gave private lessons. One of his students was 36-year-old Cathy Essery. Mellerson had feelings for Cathy, and according to his mother, they even dated for two months.

The problem was that Essery had a husband, and according to her family, she cut off the private lessons with Mellerson because he became “a problem person” Whereas Mellerson’s mother said the two had dated, Cathy’s family did not know if they were involved in anything more than a teacher-student relationship.

Regardless of whether they’d dated or if it was all in his head, Mellerson was upset over the fact that Cathy was married. So on January 14, 1997, Mellerson went to Cathy’s parents’ home, where she lived with her husband, Geoffry.

Cathy’s parents let Mellerson into the house while Cathy and Geoffry were out. When the couple came home, Geoffry and Mellerson got into a fight . . . and then Mellerson shot Geoffry, killing him.

Mellerson then took aim at his student, shooting Cathy to death. Finally, he turned the gun on himself. Cathy’s parents witnessed the murder.



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