A 13-year-old girl (name withheld) has given a horrifying account of how her step-father impregnated her.

According to her, the father had sex with her on two different occasions.

She explained it all started when she left her aunty’s house to follow her mother to go and live with her stepfather.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso NsemThursday, the girl said the step-father before the rape barged into the bathroom while she was bathing.

When she asked, the father only said he was there to take the bucket.

“It all started the first day my mother brought us from Kumasi. I was bathing when he came to peep at me but when I asked him, he told me he only wanted the bucket. My heart skipped a bit because I didn’t understand his actions,” she said.


She continued that while asleep at night; her father will come and romance her.

“I was asleep one night when I felt someone touching me but didn’t pay attention because I thought it was my younger brother and when I saw it was him, he forced me and slept with me,” she narrated.

The young girl said she got frustrated about the whole thing, as he slept with her on two occasions when her mother was not around.

When she decided to inform her mother, her step-father threatened to kill her which scared her.

“He began to threaten me and I could not tell my mother because I was afraid to die as he said. He raped me again, a day before we left for Kumasi,” she cried.

Meanwhile, efforts by the morning show team to get the suspect to give his side of the story have proved futile.