Nigerian Police

The Minister of Justice, Helena Kida, has dismissed two police male training instructors after they were found guilty of impregnating a total of 15 female students at a police training school in Mozambique.

The decision was taken after the Minister, Helena Kida, made an inquiry into the incident sending the two male officers on leave as investigations continued on how possible it was for the police trainees to get pregnant at the same time.

The inquiries uncovered the rot in the police academy where trainers are said to have attacked women trainees into sex to give favourable terms.

Minister of Justice, Helena Kida said a disciplinary hearing was held on them and it’s unclear how many students the men have impregnated.

“Of the cases of sexual harassment in which two instructors became involved with instructors, making them pregnant, were the object of legal-disciplinary censorship, having, in effect, been expelled from the corporation, as a culmination of the disciplinary proceedings that were instituted against them,” she