Popular gospel musician, Perpetual Didier, has cursed the Ghana Police over their latest statement on the death of her brother, Shadrack Arloo.

Contrary to reports by the Police that they contacted the family before the autopsy, Madam Didier said the police never contacted her though she is supposed to be the intermediary.

Narrating the issue on  Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, Wednesday, the musician said she suspects foul play and is of the strong conviction that the police are hiding evidence because they are implicated in the crime.

“The police never contacted me for any interrogation and so I am shocked by what they wrote in their statement. The IGP called me and shared his condolences and that was all and assured me that the police will investigate the matter and so why would they just get up and say those things?” she wondered.

Madam Didier said her brother’s body has been with the police since he died and so she can never believe what they are alleging.

She added that the police even refused to allow the family’s pathologist to perform the autopsy but claimed they didn’t have time and angrily went ahead to allow the police pathologist to do the autopsy.

Madam Didier said her late brother is not involved in any dubious ways and wondered why the police claimed he swallowed narcotics.

“My brother does not deal in narcotics and so how would he swallow narcotics? They are just fabricating stories. If they claim whatever they saw in my brother’s body is true, then curses will follow them and God will deal with them. They have killed my brother, we won’t forgive them,” she cried.

Madam Didier said the family will head to court to seek justice but in the meantime she is appealing to the police, to as a matter of urgency, provide all the evidence and what happened by sharing the CCTV camera and videos of what transpired or face their wrath.

A police statement dated February 7, 2023, said that the late brother of gospel musician Miss Didier resisted arrest by a police officer on duty who was being assisted by private security guards at the scene.

The statement furthered that the deceased, after swallowing the package, became unconscious and was taken to the Sonotech Clinic for medical attention but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The incident happened at the West Hills Mall in Accra on January 30, 2022.